We have retired (for the 2nd time!) and are moving to be closer to our family.

Now that we are closed, many of you have asked where you can find colored Monk's Cloth and patterns on the Web. Some sources you may want to check (in alphabetical order) are:

www.monksclothlady.com All colors of Monk's Cloth and a selection of some patterns & notions.

www.nettiesneedleworks.com All colors of Monk's Cloth (with matching Perle Cotton), huck toweling, her own patterns, some notions. Int'l shipping available.

www.nordicneedle.com All colors of Monk's Cloth, books, patterns & notions.

www.swedishweavedesigns.com Huck toweling, aida, her own patterns & books (Katherine Kennedy).

www.stitchonitdirect.com Some colors of Monk's Cloth and Stockholm, aida, many patterns, some books & notions. Int'l shipping available.

For Canadian customers: www.funandfastpatterns.ca All colors of Monk's Cloth, a selection of patterns (Christine Allan).

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